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I am pleased to announce that the official EnergyCoin website (energycoin.eu) is launched and made public here today.

In this website, you can find the basic information about EnergyCoin (ENRG) and our mission statement. You can also get to know some benefits of using EnergyCoin blockchain technology as a payment system.

Some other information such as our team member contacts, EnergyCoin specs, our download page and project links are also available in this website.

Technically speaking, EnergyCoin is a pure PoS (proof-of-stake) cryptocurrency supporting energy saving. You will earn a fixed block reward of 5 ENRG every time when you can stake a new block with your wallet.

In case if you still have not tried to use EnergyCoin before, please do firstly download the latest EnergyCoin client software from our download page.

If you do not want to spend time syncing the EnergyCoin network from scratch, we also provide the EnergyCoin bootstrap for your download. You can extract a local copy of EnergyCoin blockchain quickly with this bootstrap.

This website is featured with a blog, where you can see the related news and the latest updates about EnergyCoin.

You are welcomed to register for our blog, post any comment on the blog posts and get feedback there.

Registration process is very simple. It only requires your email address, or you can choose to register with other social media accounts including Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Facebook, Google and so on.

After registration, you will also be able to enter ENRG address in your own profile. It will make you possible to join our promotion campaigns or giveaways afterwards.

You may also submit questions to our EnergyCoin team with a custom contact form.

For most normal users, it is highly recommended to subscribe for our Newsletters, so that our latest news will be delivered to the designated email address automatically.

So if you are still new to EnergyCoin or you like to support a real green cryptocurrency, please do not hesitate to join us and register an account here. We are here to wait for you.


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