EnergyCoin on Ubuntu Mate for Rasberry Pi

By 09/12/2017News

Ubuntu is one of the most popular linux distros in the world.

Ubuntu Mate is based on Ubuntu core, but with the MATE desktop environment.

We are pleased to let you know that we have already built an EnergyCoin client that works on Ubuntu Mate (rasberry Pi version).

This is our new alternative client which works for rasberry Pi. Before that, EnergyCoin has been able to work on ROKOS already. But with Ubuntu Mate, you can utilize most of the Ubuntu packages and resources for raspberry Pi.

In addition to a standalone EnergyCoin client, we have also created a script that can help users to set up a working EnergyCoin wallet quickly.

You only need to own a raspberry PI hardware (Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspberry Pi ) and a working Ubuntu Mate installation in order to run it.

Our script has been tested working on a fresh install of Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS (rasberry Pi version).

The script will automatically install the EnergyCoin Qt client (v1.5.1) with an icon on your desktop, create the file EnergyCoin.conf, and/or install 2GB swap space into your system.

You can opt out the swap space installation if you already have one.

It will also download and install the EnergyCoin Bootstrap to help speeding up the wallet sync process.

Because the script will install swap and bootstrap for you, you should have around 7GB free space available in your microSD card.

Using our script is very simple. After you have installed a fresh Ubuntu Mate (rasberry Pi version), run the following single-line command in terminal:

wget --no-check-certificate -O; chmod +x; ./

We have also posted a basic procedure on Bitcointalk: here

Alternatively, if you prefer only to install a standalone EnergyCoin Qt client (v1.5.1) for Ubuntu Mate (rasberry Pi version), you can download the deb installer directly from here: deb installer

Installation is simple. run in terminal:

sudo dpkg --force-all -i energycoin-qt_1.5.1_armhf.deb

Then type in terminal:


This is only a standalone EnergyCoin Qt client, and so you should install swap, bootstrap, and create EnergyCoin.conf on your own.

EnergyCoin Team,