EnergyCoin Downloads


This page contains the basic specs of EnergyCoin and takes users to pages containing the links to the downloads for the EnergyCoin wallets and the EnergyCoin bootstrap.

It will also contain inks to downloads for any future software.


(1) EnergyCoin Specs

  • Full Name: EnergyCoin
  • Ticker: ENRG
  • Algorithm: Pure PoS
  • Fixed PoS Reward: 5 ENRG
  • Difficulty: target change every block
  • Target Block Time: 150 seconds
  • Confirmations: 6 to confirm tx
  • Min Stake Age: 1 day
  • Initial Supply: 110 million, fairly distributed. No ICO.


(2) EnergyCoin Core Latest Client Downloads

EnergyCoin Core has client software pre-compiled for various common operating systems.

Direct Download link for Windows, Linux and Raspberry PI (Ubuntu Mate) versions:!uc0XmCra!73JBKfnmbdImd_9H_nXtRQ

EnergyCoin Core v.1.6.0 for Mac OSX can also be downloaded here:


(3) EnergyCoin Bootstrap Download

To save your time syncing with the EnergyCoin network, you may download the latest EnergyCoin blockchain data directly from our EnergyCoin Bootstrap Server


Have fun!

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