Welcome to the EnergyCoin

EnergyCoin is a Peer to Peer cryptocurrency based on the disruptive Bitcoin technology. Transactions in EnergyCoin run on the Proof of Stake protocol. The choice was a conscious one for a sustainable aware vision of our future. Staking is more energy efficient compared to mining and for now, sit the principles of the EnergyCoin platform better than other protocols.

What is EnergyCoin?

What is ?

EnergyCoin is platform for Sustainable Environmental Blockchain Solutions founded in 2014. The coin is publicly tradeable and used as an underlying mechanism for transactions in the EnergyCoin as an asset or for payment of fees in the EnergyParty platform layer.

Who is ?

The EnergyCoin Foundation is a non-profit entity, sponsored by Energycoin community donations, that provides a platform for and setting governance standards for projects that want to be part of this particular platform.

Foundation !

On top of the Energycoin Blockchain, the foundation built an application layer called EnergyParty. A decentral asset exchange to host projects with their own tokens in line with the guidelines of the Energycoin Foundation.

The Story Behind EnergyCoin

Why EnergyCoin?

Cryptocurrencies are easily connected to real-world payments systems. The underlying Blockchain offers more than a simple storage solution. We use it as a platform to host tokens. Tokens can be introduced as a form of local currency. A local store of value and the platform acts as a means for value transactions. This is all done with a few key strengths of using Blockchain technology.


Transactions are logged into one ledger and its written once


Transaction logging is simple according to the protocol and clear to anyone participating


No need for layers of add-ons to protect data or authorization

Welcome to collaborate

We welcome other parties to collaborate as we do from 2014 onwards, networking effects lead to ideas that are beneficial to all involved.

EnergyCoin Team

Over the past three years, we built a vibrant network of contacts and projects with the same objectives or same solutions to the problems we try to address.

We strongly believe that together we can help in the transition from the old to the new. This change is not something a single person, a country or one region can achieve on its own.

What we do on our planet affects us all, and we believe technology is only a small part of the solution, the mindset is a much more significant factor. And we encourage all with the same objectives to contact us through our group or individual social media accounts.

Meet The TeamMeet The Team

We welcome any interested party in energy field to join us. If you want to be our partner, do not hesitate to contact us. — EnergyCoin Team



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Welcome to EnergyCoin

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